raniWritten by a medical school applicant, Pre-Med Diaries: How This College Student Navigated the Journey from Pre-Med to Medical School is an insightful and inspiring resource for high school students, college students, and educators across America. Humorous and informative, Pre-Med Diaries offers a first-hand account of a pre-med student’s experiences and is full of tips and advice for aspiring pre-med students. Rani Richardson is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Biological Basis of Behavior. Originally from Michigan, Rani is currently in the medical school application process and has been accepted at several medical schools. The author went “straight through” to medical school, and Pre-Med Diaries provides advice on this process and a plethora of other topics including:

The Truth About the Journey to Medical School:

  • How much being pre-med costs and how to pay for it
  • How to study for the MCAT
  • Study techniques for a stellar college transcript
  • How to utilize resources in college to reach your goals
  • Setting realistic and attainable goals
  • Advice for high school students on course planning
  • How to be emotionally and physically healthy as a pre-med student
  • Information about the MD/PhD track and becoming a physician scientist
  • Advice for minority and low-income students on how to excel in college and get into medical school

Critical Information for College Students Who Want to go “Straight Through”:

  • Deciding whether to take a gap year or not
  • Instructions on course-planning from freshman year to senior year
  • How to make a strong medical school application
    • Advice on letters of recommendation and extracurricular activities

Pre-Med Diaries is available in paperback or Ebook format at the link below. A preview of the book is also available.